Who are Mercury and Kolb?

Mercury is the cat that adopted me when I was 19. I lived in a darling house with my best friend, and in the evenings as we sat on the porch after work a cat frequently wandered into our yard. Over time she came closer and eventually decided we were worth befriending. The funny part of the story comes once you know that I am allergic to most cats, and consequently was not fond of them at the time. Everyone else around the house would have gladly snuggled her and doted on her, but you can guess who she decided to bestow her attentions on first.

I learned from that experience not everything goes the way we expect it to all the time. We adapt. (And name the cat.)

Photo by Jennifer Tavera @ Truth Photography

Kolb is a street in my hometown. The aforementioned best friend and I made a wrong turn one night, despite being fairly certain we were going the right way. We were part way to Mexico by the time we realized just how wrong we’d been.

I learned how to turn around after making a mistake, from that one. (We absolutely did not tell anyone once we finally got to our destination.)

When it was time to name the business I am building to serve as a coach it seemed fitting that two of the early-adulthood lessons that really inform my philosophy on life and coaching were the best fit. (Plus it just sounds cool, don’t you think?)

How do I know you’re the right coach for me?

My cohort in the credentialing program I am attending call it a chemistry call. (Thank you Dr. Char for that bit of inspired language!) You click on that tab at the top that says Scheduling and pick a date and time best for you. We talk for an hour, I explain the ethics of my work, my philosophy in coaching, and you share what it is you’re trying to achieve and together we establish a framework for how you’d like to achieve your goals.

If we don’t click? That’s okay! You can always seek a coach who you feels better serves your needs, and I may even be able to recommend someone for you to talk to next.

Why did you become a coach?

You can read the full story in this post, but the short answer is that in the middle of the worst tragedy of my life I discovered that the process of coaching others through our shared grief and anger and trauma gave me focus. It made the overwhelming grief I was enduring have some purpose, some point in adapting to the new normal I was forced to live with.

How do you compensate for executive dysfunction so that you can pursue your goals? Let’s talk, I bet you have some ideas. How do you know what to do next when the grief stops being so overwhelming? I would love to hear where you’re thinking you’d like to go. Has your therapist released you into the great wide world to live and breathe with the tools you’ve learned in your time together, and you’re just not sure what to do next? Let’s see if you’re already on a path you didn’t even know to look for.

I can’t give you the answers, because you already have them. I’d love to help you uncover them, because I have some experience in what that feels like, in how hard the journey can be, and how good it feels when you get there.

Are you on social media?

Of course! You can find me on Twitter @indeliblesasha and on Instagram @mercuryandkolb.

You mention in your bio that you have pets, do you share pictures of them?

My personal Instagram is covered in them! Here’s a couple of my favorites:

A white and brown dog with floppy ears, smiling at the camera, with a black dog with floppy ears also smiling at the camera while he's standing over the white and brown dog. looking like he's stuck draped across her back.
Miles and Merrily, the M&Ms. Merrily is a Boxer/Lab/American Staffordshire mix, and Miles is a labradoodle. They were both born in 2019.
A black and white cat, curled up asleep on his side, with front paws tucked under his chin.
This is Kessel. He came to us in 2016 at 11 years old. This is what he does with his time.